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Animated Favicons

Animated favicons are nothing more than 16x16 animated GIFs that will appear in browsers that support animated favicons. All browsers do not support this feature.


To do this properly, you should prepare two favicons... one animated for browsers that support animation, and another static for browsers (such as Internet Explorer) that do not.


Put your animated favicon in the same root directory. As in the example below, they are both given two different names. The animated favicon is simply a 16x16 animated gif that will play in Firefox and some other browsers. Microsoft Internet Explorer does not support animated favicons.


Copy and paste the following code into the head of your
document to ensure that your FavIcons display properly:

What your FavIcons will look like in your browser:

You cannot create an animated favicon with a simple online generator.

The best way to create an animated Favicon, is with a program for creating animated GIFs. You will create an animated gif and then shrink the image to FavIcon size (16x16). Then merely put it in your document's head as detailed above.

There are some free applications that you may download that willcreate animated GIFs. One such free one is "The Gimp".